Who Is Bunker?

My Name Is Bunker


Born on May 20, 2016 in Fort Collins, CO

I am a Goldendoodle! I am 3/4 Poodle and 1/4 Golden Retriever. I am currently at a stable weight of 58.9lbs!!!


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My Awards


2016 - AKC Good Citizen Award
2017 - Skilled Canine Hero, Level 1, 2 & 3

2017 - Public Field Trip Skills Aware
2017 - Skills & Aptitude Screening Evaluation
2017 - Teamwork Skills
2017 - Advanced Canine Hero Award

2017- Therapy Dog Training Certificate

2017 - Therapy Dog Field Trip Training

2017 - Certified Therapy Dog Professional Award 

2018 - Service Dog in Training; through Canine Community Heros

2018 - Professional Service Dog

Bunker's Mission


My mission as an Emergency Services Therapy K-9 is to provide affection and comfort to those in all areas of EMS, Fire, Dispatch, Military, Police and their Families.

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